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Welcome to the Canadian Website for
The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund.


Reaching Out to Canada

We are pleased to announce that the Canadian chapter of The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is now accepting donations from Canadians who wish to support this very special fund designed to help Israeli children traumatized by terrorist events.

Please watch the video for a quick overview of what we do

What is it?

The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund was first established in the United States by former Shiloh mayor David Rubin and friends of Israel. Its purpose is to support therapeutic, educational, and recreational projects for children in the Biblical heartland of Israel – particularly in the Shiloh bloc of communities where the children have suffered terribly from the terrorism of the past few years.  It’s because of terrorist events directly affecting children in Israel that the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund was born – to build a brighter future for the children of Israel.

Our Mission

The mission of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is to ease the trauma of terrorism in children and rebuild the Biblical heartland of Israel.

Our Vision

The vision of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is to see generations of children living as a light unto the nations in peace and harmony in the restored Biblical heartland of Israel.

Radio Host Dennis Prager is asking for your help!

Israeli children are suffering from deep psychological wounds inflicted by ongoing terrorism. Your support enables the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund to heal the trauma and to restore at least some of the lost innocence of childhood. Stand with the children today!

The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is making a difference!

We are tackling some vital challenges in serving the needs of the children in the heartland of Israel. Working together with educational and community leaders, we have made a difference in the lives of many hundreds of children by supporting various educational, recreational, and therapeutic projects.

Therapeutic Hockey ProgramCanadian Hockey for Israeli Children!
One new project that we have decided to adopt is the Israeli ice hockey program, to enable the participation of a significant group of children from Shiloh Township. The support of our Canadian donors will help to provide transportation and weekly ice time for these children …/read more
Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program Horseback Riding Therapy
The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, Canadian Board of Directors is excited to support a special SICF initiative – the Horseback Riding Therapy program for traumatized children. …/read more
Special High School Initiative Special High School Initiative
May 20, 2016 – SICF Canada has decided to support another special initiative: Lev Hadash High School is a boys’ high school in Shiloh, Israel. Most of the students at Lev Hadash have had their young lives disrupted by terrorism.
…/read more
Art TherapyTherapy Center Support
March 8, 2016 – SICF Canada has decided to provide emergency support for Mifgash – The Shiloh Therapy Center – for its therapeutic post-trauma treatments using art, music, animals, and multi-sensory play therapy
…/read more

You Can Help Traumatized Children…

Help heal the trauma of terrorism in the lives of innocent child victims who have lost loved ones or witnessed the horror of terrorism first-hand. By supporting Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, you can create miracles out of pain and help these boys and girls be children again. Through the work of our many projects and the faithfulness of our supporters, hundreds of children are already experiencing a more positive future.

Thanks to the support of friends like you around the world, we are building a brighter future for the children of Israel. Donate Now!

Exciting Progress at the Shiloh Therapy Center…

November 2019. Construction is underway on a third storey being added to the therapy centre. We will soon have double the space for treatments, consultations, and workshops!

Therapy Centre 3rd floor under Construction
Therapy Centre Construction Photos

Visit our Contact/Donation page to find out how you can help directly. Donations are gratefully accepted on this website through our secure online payment handling system. A Canadian tax receipt will be issued.

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