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Canadian Hockey for Israeli Children!

img_2381-shiloh-hockey173One new project that we have decided to adopt is the Israeli ice hockey program, to enable the participation of a significant group of children from Shiloh Township in the biblical heartland of Israel.

The support of our Canadian donors will help to provide transportation and weekly ice time for these children, who will be participating in an instructional and competitive league that meets in the nearest rink, which is a ninety minute ride from home. SICF firmly believes that the Canadian national sport can provide important skills and character development for Israeli children, so we are now officially on board and we  welcome your support! By the way, please feel free to specifically earmark your donations for hockey, for therapeutic horseback riding, or for any of our other projects.

Find out how you can participate in the support of these special initiatives. Please contact us at the following email address:


or visit our donation page.